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Criminal Law at its core deals with one of the most fundamental rights we have as people, our freedom. When your right to freedom is in jeopardy, it is imperative that you consult a dedicated criminal law attorney prior to talking to police. An attorney, who is not only legally skilled, but will fiercely advocate to protect that right. 


Some people think that engaging a criminal lawyer is going to be too costly. But not engaging a criminal lawyer is likely to cost you more. Being unrepresented exposes you to the risk of disastrous outcomes such as:

  1. Being falsely or incorrectly charged

  2. Being found guilty when you are innocent

  3. Being sent to prison when you shouldn’t be

  4. Your DNA being placed on the state police or national database

  5. Being disqualified from holding or obtaining a driver’s license 

  6. Being disadvantaged in a job application process because you are required to disclose your criminal record

  7. Termination of your employment because your employer has found out have a criminal record.


An experienced criminal lawyer can assist you to avoid these types of outcomes. When the stakes are high the costs involved are always worth it. Making a phone call to a criminal lawyer and arranging an appointment is obligation free. Attaining legal advice at an initial consultation with a criminal law expert will help you to understand the difference a criminal lawyer can make to your case.


Call us today for a free phone consultation. We will be there when you call.

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